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2 Poems: The Brain of the World and The Whole World is Just One Thing


The brain is the inner surface of the world. A conduit for consciousness, it is where the world does its thinking. This is who we are the result of the evolution of DNA and its companion, messenger RNA through billions of chaotic years of terrestrial evolution and billions more in stars and dust.Fractal phenomena observed in the world of forms mirror the iteration of thought, feeling, and sensation alive in the minds of sentient beings.
Patterns, frequencies, pulse everywhere within the resonant ever-present network.Our urge to connect reflects an underlying unity. A universe is made of many minds, but one thing is clear: Mind, the experience of mind…is singular.
Even now, supercomputers of embedded thought are mining the many universes for vast resources of intelligence.
Image: “Within” by Tullio DeSantis, altered ink drawing, 2011

The whole world is just one thing


when I stand on this hill with summer in my eyes

the sky shakes within blue-grey banks

a river of wind moves through the valley

lightning happens branches shift rain falls

I can hear the roofs rattle

setting off a trillion sparks in me


and the hill is within me and summer rain and wind

are all at once inside my head and fill my body


I know there is only one thing and never two things

not the world and not me but something else

something that is just one thing

that I can understand and know only for an instant


then it seems in the second half of that same instant

I forget what I know and there are two things again

I am lost

until it rains again

and then I remember

there is only


Image: “Intelligent World 11111011011” by Tullio DeSantis, altered ink drawing, 2011

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