Late Summer



Late Summer

I think a new poem

dramatic apocalyptic science

earthquake, hurricane, flood

a lone carp swims

in the darkened street

flashlights long nights

carrying water in and away

odd feathers appear

with other scents

from distant air

different birds occurring

leaving quickly

no goodbye

feeling cool now

writing of new days

getting back to playing

in orange waves of sunlight

imagining again

my tools

radiate clarity

I draw up a storm

Image: “Late Summer” by Tullio DeSantis, altered ink drawing, 2011


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One response to “Late Summer

  1. Remembering the enjoyment of summers past and recounting all I have done throughout the sunny weather. The colors, within the portrait, remind me of the music festival light shows. Also, relaxing and seeing bright and explosive burst of fireworks during warm summer nights. Looking forward toward this summer and enjoying these events over again, and experiencing the beauty of the summer season.
    George S.

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