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The Rest of My Life



The Rest of
My Life

There’s a man
I’ve yet to meet

He lives at
the farm across the lane

Been there as
long as anyone can remember

I see him,
dressed darkly, sitting on his tractor

He can raise
a thousand acres of corn with that thing

And he can
cut them right down again

Staring only
at his wheels

When we moved
in here

I waved the
first few times he passed

He never even
saw me

So I stopped

He’s a
veteran, a hero, survivor

The subject
of a book and a film

These days
though, he walks slowly

Out to the
mailbox and back

The other day
I passed him in my truck

Right there
on the end of the lane

He seemed to
pause at that very moment

Stared in my

I almost
waved at him

But he wasn’t
looking at me

He had just
mailed a letter

And turned
around to walk back

Maybe he was
having second thoughts

He seems the
kind of man

Who knows the
weight of his words

I keep
thinking I should go over there

Make his

But I never
get to it

If not, he’ll
come by

To visit me

I have
something he wants

And he knows

I know it

words and image by Tullio DeSantis
image: “The Rest of My Life” by Tullio DeSantis, altered ink drawing, 2011.


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