Death obliterates but leaves something in its wake: the
imponderable journey from nowhere to fetal life, months in utero,
recapitulating the million mutations of animal ancestry, brilliant
consciousness, fathomless dreams, sharp sensations of self and other, self and
family, self and society, the rise of sex and strength, hormone surge of
adolescence, years of senseless risk… then the circular routines of
adulthood, establishing rank, predictable patterns of behavior, reinforced
roles of dominance and submission, while the timeless world spinning
transformative surrounds us, dragging down the tilted frame of old age, holding
out against the fear of an inevitable annihilation. Instantaneous, unearthly,
alien, death unhinges us with utter unconcern. What remains?

Image: “Death” by Tullio DeSantis, altered ink drawing, 2011

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