I Am A Live Wave


research and development on EEG-driven applications has provided me with new insights into the nature of the electromagnetic waves emitted by living systems. Leading-edge scientific and philosophical
paradigms converge in striking ways when technologies of life and the mind are involved.

For example, minute changes
in electrical potential, which may be measured outside the head can be
represented as a series of waveforms derived by techniques of mathematical
analysis, such as the FFT (Fast Fourier Transform). These EEG waves range from above
zero to about 50 cycles per second. Some characteristic frequencies are
observed to correspond to basic states of consciousness, from deep sleep and relaxation,
to alert wakefulness and high-order thought processes.

This is significant.
It is why the EEG measurement has value in medicine. The characteristic
frequencies of Delta, Theta, Alpha, Beta, and Gamma waves transmitted by a
human (animal) brain are signals, which provide vital information regarding
essential functions and well-being. They
may also indicate a range of dysfunctions from traumatic brain injury and
epilepsy to states of anxiety and PTSD.

When viewed
as a complex non-linear system, the electromagnetic field patterns of the brain
may be studied using the sophisticated tools of mathematical analysis from
domains as diverse as chaos and information theory, fractal geometry, and
quantum dynamics.

In a palpable
way, we are beginning to see the mind in action – its cascading complexities, branching
fractal dimensions, harmonic resonances, and strange attractors. And because we
are involved in our environment in countless biological and neurological
feedback loops, we are able to train ourselves to produce optimal rhythms,
while learning to minimize problem patterns.

We have
learned also to encode simulacra of these patterns of our thinking into
machine-executable algorithms. The world we inhabit has become a nexus of natural
and artificial intelligence. Somewhere between the spiraling microscopic
strands of DNA within us and spiral galaxies beyond the Milky Way, our cybernetic
selves encode – and are encoded in – symphonies of synchrony, which echo endlessly in vast chambers of space and time.

We are waves within waves upon waves upon waves…

Image: The author doing EEG Neurofeedback research,

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