I Am A Photon Stream



The classical idea of discrete particles – the indivisible
atoms of Democritus – gave way, for a time, to the powerful idea of
electromagnetic waves. We discovered an entire spectrum of invisible energy. We
are exploiting it for our purposes.

But the universe is far stranger than this. Once we could conceive, in our mathematics and science, our art and our poetry, the
idea of everywhere-interpenetrating waves, we were compelled to consider even
more of the mysterious quantum universe we inhabit.

What is often referred to as the most astounding
discovery in science – the principle of complementarity – demonstrates
experimentally that electromagnetic radiation exhibits essential characteristics
of the mutually exclusive categories of wave and particle. This
paradigm-shifting result indicates that what is evolving is our own ability to
comprehend ideas that defy much of our common experience.

We are limited only by our capacity to comprehend our
situation. Fortunately, this is something that seems to increase. As it does,
we will continue to discover new territories, new dimensions which have been
here all along. We just need to develop an ability to imagine them.



*Image: “Photon Stream” by Tullio DeSantis, altered ink
drawing, 2011.

YouTube Video: Dr.
Quantum Double-Slit Experiment


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One response to “I Am A Photon Stream

  1. Adam

    For starters, I really like this picture. The picture reminds me of that fuzzy white-noise screen that pops up on the screen of the older television sets. Besides the fact that the image pictured here is black and white (I love black and white images), it is very meditative to look at. I find images like this very interesting. I would describe this picture as being subjective. Everyone has their own experiences and opinions. That means what you see will be something totally different from what someone else may see. For instance, I can see the head and the mane of a horse towards the center of the image. I can also see a nautilus shell near the bottom left of the oval. I asked my father what he saw, and he said something different. He told me that he saw a dinosaur fossil. I was curious as to what my mother sees in the picture. So, naturally, I asked her as well. She told me that she saw an eye with eyebrows. Personally, I do not see any of those, but that is exactly the point of subjective images. The wide, oval shape in the image reminds me of the map of the world. The lines and curves that make up the edges, the space surrounding the oval, remind me of the characters in Keith Haring’s artwork. In my opinion, he was an amazing artist. His artwork was definitely extremely innovative and he was a man who was ahead of his time.

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