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Night Vision



galaxies whirl over the frozen pond

white sparks
stream from an old coal shovel

straight up against the wind

I see light

from across
the universe

photon embers
of the big bang

fill the sky
to the edge of the moon

a deer on the

looks into my

we share a

in that cold

between two

Image: “Night Vision” by Tullio DeSantis, altered ink drawing, 2011



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Fall Poems and Sound


Here are various links to some of my recent recorded text and audio work:

ARTologyPOD podcast: “Poems About Autumn” APPLE iTunes


WEEU Radio

Soundcloud Page


Text, Sound, and Image by Tullio DeSantis, 2011


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Reading Lies Dreaming



Worlds spin. Reflected images in space hold
the past, present, and future in a visible way. Time is held as well,
invisibly, in the heart and brain.Within me, in chambers of dream, in the heart of my mind, the voices, the
sounds, the scenes of my time in the town of my birth are still turningRiding through Reading with my grandfather in his green panel truck, delivering
mushrooms to market, listening to his story of life
Returning from Gettysburg, running an endless circuit to and from the old war
field, battling the family for love or peace
Living high and lying low in California, staying away, trying to forget, then
returning as if I never left this place
Driving from Reading to New York with Keith, a decade before his death,
sharing our visions of the future
Rafting and fishing with my sons and Dawn, beside the railroad bridges and the
rusting tracks where I walked in my childhood…
In these moments of clarity, the city, the railroad, the factories, the toil of
the people, the beautiful river, the dreams of my youth, the truth
and the lies of life and art – this is the world, my mind, and the
entire universe, all in one place and time.


Words and Image by Tullio DeSantis, November


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