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The Big Now



The wispy
evanescence of space-time, complex dynamic patterns, fluid realities enter our bodies, suffuse our senses, and illuminate our minds. Energy
surging throughout the atmosphere surrounds us with a myriad of waves and
concatenating fields of force.

pulses from the instant of creation warm the swarming intergalactic darkness. Stardust
nebulae slide and fall into vortices of stellar birth. Gravity and nuclear
forces, electromagnetic energies, photosynthetic life forms, muscle, bone, nerve, and
brain evoke powerful invisible potential. Consciousness arises.

happens, initiating patterns, spawning processes, sparking feedback, iterative loops. As events in the world are perceived and
apprehended, they are already changing us – changing our brains. These changes
become our thought and behavior – reflections of the universe, nature, and the experience of
being alive. This life – what we create – is who…and what…we are.


Image: “The Big Birth” by Tullio DeSantis, ink drawing, 2011


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