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Mind Waves



It can be helpful to imagine the brain as a control circuit in a vast interconnected network of feedback loops and time delays. From the rhythmic regulation of multiple psychophysical processes to myriads of cyclic patterns interconnecting us with other organisms and the environment, our brains are great synchronizers. Most of these patterns are automatic, set in place by genetics and learning, instinctual responses, habits, and memes we picked up along the way. These countless iterative loops have common pathways, representing many aspects of our experience, behavior, and awareness.
By interacting with the brain’s ability to multitask – that is to manage multiple feedback processes between the organism and the environment – it is possible to encourage beneficial patterns and to discourage ones which are less so. Simple exposure to neurofeedback signals affects the state of the brain in measurable ways. As the brain is very good at adjusting itself to respond to external stimuli, using brain-interface technology is a powerful non-invasive way to promote positive behavior and awareness.


Image: The author working on new neurofeedback protocols, 2011


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