mirroring each other
programming ourselves
endless looping feedback
erasing our differences
seeing hearing thinkingexactly the same things
soon we will be
the same person
at that point
we won’t
even know
who we are


Poem: “singularity” by Tullio DeSantis

Image: “singularity” by Tullio DeSantis, 2011

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One response to “singularity

  1. Jill Lincoln

    I enjoyed this short poem. It’s easy to fall into the loop of monotony and just living life to survive. Doing the daily grind, getting it done, forgetting to really live. Forgetting to experience life, just living in our self-centered universe. Differences in our culture are looked down upon. We are bombarded by daily messages to conform, be normal. What is normal? Nothing. Everyone is normal. Just on their own scale. Differences should be welcomed and embraced. We all are more alike than we know.

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