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Full Mind Rising



Life is an opening to all the wonders of the universe.
Use it as a way of awakening. There is no need to accept limited definitions
of what you may be or may become. What we call “the mind” is this experience of
holding a part of the totality within ourselves, while all the rest remains
outside, as the world, cosmos, infinity – all the possible
ways these connections can be made. The connection between this one moment of
awareness and the manifold potential for all experience binds us to each other
and to the cosmos. It awakens in us a sense of empathy and compassion, in which
we can discover our true humanity. The fullness of experience is here for us
each moment. In this awareness lies our true freedom. We have only to recognize


Image: “Full Mind Rising” by Tullio DeSantis, ink
drawing, 2012

YouTube Video: “The Magnificent Universe” by TheParadigmShift



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