Full Mind Rising



Life is an opening to all the wonders of the universe.
Use it as a way of awakening. There is no need to accept limited definitions
of what you may be or may become. What we call “the mind” is this experience of
holding a part of the totality within ourselves, while all the rest remains
outside, as the world, cosmos, infinity – all the possible
ways these connections can be made. The connection between this one moment of
awareness and the manifold potential for all experience binds us to each other
and to the cosmos. It awakens in us a sense of empathy and compassion, in which
we can discover our true humanity. The fullness of experience is here for us
each moment. In this awareness lies our true freedom. We have only to recognize


Image: “Full Mind Rising” by Tullio DeSantis, ink
drawing, 2012

YouTube Video: “The Magnificent Universe” by TheParadigmShift



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3 responses to “Full Mind Rising

  1. chastity

    I find life to be incredible and all the wonders of the universe mysterious at times, but many people lack sense,empathy, and compassion. If we took more time to discover what truly lies within us we would become better human beings. The sense to value life, the empathy of others. and compassion is what truly makes a person. As long as I have these qualities it will make me a better person, and gives me purpose in this world. Many people do not appreciate thia amazing universe, and take it for granted. Life can be difficult to understand, but I have learned to accept my curiosities that lie inside my mind. The universe and the planet is amazing, and the creator of all put us he to experience all the marvelous wonders of this world.

  2. Ella Drumgold

    Full moon rising just the title alone has so much meaning to life and how experiences shape and mold us. Things that we take for granted of or advantage of. Respect the time you have and the world around us. Love yourself first so you can really learn to love others with passion.

  3. Bo Comer

    I found myself able to let my mind relax and get to wondering while looking at the Full Mind Rising image. Inside the piece, my eyes and my brain conjured up an image within and revealed the face of a lion with its mouth open wide. I thought that maybe it was embedded in the image’s background but came to the conclusion that it was my mind seeing what it wanted to see. To know if seeing the image of a lion’s face in the midst of Full Mind Rising has some deeper meaning to me is impossible right now but we all perceive reality in our own ways and this image, to me, is a perfect example of that.

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