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Things Change


change. We survive and grow in positive ways. Destructive tendencies are
harnessed, providing energy and creating new points of view. Tidal waves of
effort and individual expression move through the network on self-defining
trajectories. We become new versions of ourselves.

by belief and perception, we discern only shifting memes as we traverse the
mindcloud. Their acceleration outpaces our comprehension.

observe the totality, the ebb and flow of our messages – to absorb all that
occurs in every moment, one might come to know us. But we are far too vast for

quivering virtual lens of space and time is how we see ourselves. Evolving toward
utter dematerialization, we appear unknowable. Yet, new patterns continuously emerge
and, as we contemplate their complexity, they change us and become us. Our transformation is inevitable.

“4Moons” by Tullio DeSantis, altered ink drawing and multiple-exposure astrophotography,

Video: “The Known Universe” Developed by the American Museum of Natural History
in partnership with the Rubin Museum of Art


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