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To find wonder in simple things…to know they are not simple at all


We enter the world filled with a newborn sense of awe – a
sense of deep and persistent wonderment. It is among our primal sensations – our
nascent senses filled to overflowing in the early amazing days of our lives. Palpable astonishment shines radiantly in the open
eyes of the very young, all of us, every one.

The newness of it all…the blue brilliance of terrestrial skies, verdant sunlit leaves, the elegance of wild birds in flight, the pungent fragrances and spectral colors of the biosphere – all the incredible sensations of being alive: these are ours. We
own them outright by virtue of our birth.

With no words to stand for things, the things themselves,
our actual experiences and their resonant perceptual echoes fill our inner
lives. Our childhoods are replete with wonder.

Can we recapture the wordless rapture – a sense of the
numinous – now that our minds are packed solid with ciphers, symbols, and words
that seem to leave no room for direct apprehension of the wondrous cosmos we inhabit, but somehow fail to notice?

This is the good work. It is our constant task. To remind
ourselves and each other of the miraculous nature of this infinite moment –
and of the next, and each one after that…


Image: “Numinous Moon” by Tullio DeSantis, pierced paper and digital image, 2012

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