Poem for Spring


dressing you
with my eyes

I’ve been
watching you very closely

for more than
a month.

You’re always
up before me.

In fact, as
far as I know,

You’re always

You’re there

when I awake

yourself more lovely

right in
front of me.

You do it so

I can’t stare

New tones of

cover your

Your body

like the

behind a
peacock’s tail.

Then suddenly
you’re adorning yourself

with cherry,
lilac, and forsythia.

I can hardly

differences between us.

You are the
most beautiful thing.

Even I can
see that.

Words and image by Tullio DeSantis, 2012.


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3 responses to “Poem for Spring

  1. Larry

    This image caught my eye because not only is the foreground (the flowers) peaceful to look at but the background is relaxing also. I like the way you use descriptions that most men would use for women to describe the flowers. I could almost imagine a women in the middle of all those flowers dressing herself for her day. She is getting ready to make breakfast as she looks out the kitchen window into the field of flowers that are just flowing in the breeze. This is demonstrated in the background. The way the circles seem to flow across the screen like a summer breeze.

  2. Renee Key

    Poem for Spring March 2012 T-TH Intro. Draw. Renee Key 6/22/13

    Cherry, yellow, brown and black are the polka dots, they set a tone for the very back.
    With Cherry Lilacs flourishing the scene, they even match the polka dots in between.
    Yellow Forsythia brighten the scene , that helps when there is no green. So cherry, yellow, brown and black keep setting the tone for the very back

  3. Maggie M

    I really like the whole atmosphere of the poem.It was very beautiful the way you decides how springs make you happy.I personally believe that springs is one of the most wonderful season we have. I believe that spring is the only time that we can truly see how beautiful nature really is. All the trees,the flowers,the weather coming back to live.

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