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“Cosmological” is one of
several collaborative multimedia works, I’ve been doing with Pery Burge, who is
working as artist in residence in the Thermofluids Lab in the College of
Engineering, Mathematics and Physical Sciences, at the University of Exeter in
the UK. We have been sharing files over the Net and building the works through
a series of file transfers and Internet communications.

Working this way,
collaboratively on the Net, offers new opportunities for transcendence, which
is one reason for making art and also one of the things that helps
to make life worth living. When artists move beyond the boundaries of familiar aesthetic
practice and experience a larger sense of unity and identity, by means of
collaborative aesthetic work, the spirit of transcendence and the exhilaration
of new creation becomes a palpable part of the experience.

For me, working with
sound and music as art material is exhilarating in itself. It was even more
fulfilling to see Pery interpret the soundscape into her own evocative imagery.
Her visualization of the pacing and narrative structure of the piece gave me a
new way of experiencing my own work.

I think Pery says it
very well in her Chronoscapes blog:
is a new collaborative piece by Tullio DeSantis and myself. The music is by
Tullio – its mood and atmosphere, characterised by an underlying raw energy,
influencing my choice of imagery, where formative elemental processes are seen
at work. The inexorable quality to the music put me in mind of witnessing a
slice of cosmic events, of actually being there. Assembly and disassembly …
matter forming into planets and then fragmenting into particles; fluctuating
between the two processes – zooming in and out again; also alternating between
the whole and parts of it; diving into the planets to see what lies beneath
their surface.


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