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in its highest form is intelligence. Without sensitivity to everything – to
one’s own sorrows; to the sorrow of a group of people, of a race; to the sorrow
of everything that is – , unless one feels and has the feeling highly sensitized,
one cannot possibly solve any problem. And we have many problems, not only at
the physical level, the economic level, the social level, but also at the
deeper levels of one’s own being – problems that apparently we are not capable
of solving. I am not talking of the mathematical problems, or the problems of
mechanical inventions, but of human problems: of our sorrows, of despair, of
the narrow spirit of the mind, of the shallowness of one’s thinking, of the
constant repetitive boredom of life, the routine of going to office every day
for forty or thirty years. And the many problems that exist, both consciously
and unconsciously, make the mind dull, and therefore the mind loses this
extraordinary sensitivity. And when we lose sensitivity, we lose intelligence.
– J. Krishnamurti The Collected Works
Volume XV


My work across all art media is
unified by a kind of conceptual synesthesia. These images, colors, sounds,
words, objects, experiments, technologies, and behaviors I create appear to me
as various sensations related to the experience of being a conscious entity in
a multidimensional universe.

The words I write, the images I create, the sounds I compose, the technology I
invent…these constitute the sensorial correspondences to the moment-by-moment
and instantaneous experience of having a mind and a body – but not quite
believing this is the whole story. Or rather, our understandings, whether
philosophical, aesthetic, or scientific, are so limited that we miss the
essential aspects of experience…and instead we are lost in tangles of words,
stories, and beliefs, which do not serve us very well. They do not illuminate
our predicaments well enough that we may avoid them, nor do they sufficiently alleviate
our anxiety to allow us to feel truly connected, truly a part of the infinities
which surround us.

So I work across the boundaries of
traditional media and I work collaboratively within a network of
similarly-minded individuals, doing work in all media and in all disciplines,
from science, to philosophy, to art. By uniting separate experiences, media,
and individual pursuits, the path toward some ultimate unification is set.

In the spirit of greater synergy,
here are links to some of my recent work in various media, other than the usual
words and images I produce. The synergy is the thing…

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Image: “dark prism” by Tullio, 2012

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