The whole world is just one thing


when I stand on this hill with summer in my eyes
the sky shakes within blue-grey banks
a river of wind moves through the valley
lightning happens branches shift rain falls
I can hear the roofs rattle
setting off a trillion sparks in me

and the hill is within me and summer rain and wind are all at once inside my head and fill my body

I know there is only one thing and never two things
not the world and not me but something else
something that is just one thing
that I can understand and know only for an instant

then it seems in the second half of that same instant
I forget what I know and there are two things again
I am lost
until it rains again
and then I remember
there is only
Image: “star” by Tullio DeSantis, 2011



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3 responses to “The whole world is just one thing

  1. Hailey Knop

    This artwork it so beautiful! visually arousing and by far one of my favorite pieces you have done.

  2. Hailey Knop

    Also i forgot to say that this reminds me of Alex Grey, who is one of my favorite artists :-]

  3. Maggie M

    I also thing that we are one with the earth that we live a pound .I really enjoy the way the poem was written I for one fully understand that without the earth and nature we would truly be missing a major part of what life truly is. There is so much beauty on our plants that is waiting to be discover,and without this beauty who are we!

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