This is the Mind

“We must assume behind this force the existence of a conscious and intelligent mind. This mind is the matrix of all matter.” – Max Planck

I am the mind and eyes of the universe. I arise spontaneously from nothingness and – as pure consciousness – I generate matter, energy, space, and time. I am present here and now.
Every particle of my being participates in a vast interconnected network, which includes every other particle in the universe. Created in the same instant, the matter and energy of the cosmos remain ineluctably entangled throughout eternity. A singular unified field of forces – from the strong nuclear force to electromagnetism and gravity resonate in harmony within the subatomic realm and reach out through the vast and ineffable dark matter and energy of intergalactic space.
I am aware of these realms and realities at the same time as I inhabit and participate in the illusory life of a separate self among others.
We refashion thoughts into language, language into mathematics, mathematics into science, science into technology, and technology into civilization. We recreate our dreams and emotions in poetry and art, and our poetry and art are transmuted via media. Our awareness becomes belief and our belief, religion. In these ways, we create our environment and it channels our experience. Because we are entrained by our experiences, this self-programming ultimately limits perception.
We can demonstrate in the laboratory, there are neither individual things nor separate events. There is only a seamless continuum. We are one super-organism of life. Each of us is a particular instance of the single indivisible, unified field. Our separation is an illusion generated by the very frames of reference defining our particular points of view. These frames of reference form an infinite succession of instances, moments, and events – an indivisible matrix of information and experience.
We are the universe evolving through the infinite and eternal present, navigating a multitude of past and future states. Our reality is the product of our collective imagination. The world is filled with the content of our minds because the world is our mind. We are all and everything, here, now, and all at once. This…is the mind.
Image: “This is The Mind” by Tullio DeSantis, altered ink drawing, 2011
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5 responses to “This is the Mind

  1. Stanley Curry

    I am intrigued by the idea that we are all made of the elements cast off by exploding stars and the universes cast off refuge. So the question seems to be, did the universe make us, or do we make the universe? The brain does not see it just interprets signals sent to it by our eyes, our skin, and our noses. Can these senses be trusted? Our brains can play tricks on us. Show us things not as they are, but as we would like them to be, or as our experience has trained it to understand. Astronomy is a hobby of mine and I enjoy seeking out the many wonders of the night sky. I understand that the light I’m seeing has taken hundreds, thousands, or even millions of years to reach my eyes. I don’t know this by instinct, I was taught this by people far wiser than myself. The explanation makes perfect sense to my brain. I am a reasonable person and they have done the math! The question remains are we seeing the universe as it is, or as we would like it to be? Did the universe make us to have someone to marvel at its grand complexity? Or is this thing we call life just a dream made up by our brains so we can go about our day and not go crazy? I like being made of star stuff. It is comforting to know I am part of the universe.
    Stan Curry

  2. Rebecca Kline

    I really enjoyed reading this post, and I don’t know why, but I really love this piece of art work. It seemed to almost speak to me and made me feel this sense of wonder. I also find the mind is similar to the universe in that it is endless and everything created is beautiful yet strange. Your mind is almost like an alternative reality where your consciousness discovers the world we live in, with the expectation that something will be there. Yet, does our perception of the world only exist within our minds or is it from somewhere else? Whichever is the answer, I’m sure the universe or our minds hold the key to understanding more about the unconscious.

  3. AmandaM

    I can relate where it says ” our reality is a product of our collective imagination”. I think it’s true because we see what we want to see. When we see a cloud in the sky everyone sees different things because we all have our own different imagination.

  4. Christopher Warner

    This post is absolutely amazing to read. I love to think about the world like this. Portraying the world in this fashion gives me amazing ideas. Makes me feel as though many things beyond or comprehension are possible but not only possible but could also be happening as we speak. Maybe by unlocking the full capabilities of our mind, this could unlock many things involving this world and not just our person. These are ideas I like to just lose my head in and daydream about the possibilities of what may be possible if only the word impossible was tossed aside for a bit and we just chose to look at things sideways instead of straight up and down.

  5. Allison Oxenreider

    For this piece do you feel the mind is broken up into three main parts and everything inside those three main parts is what allows us to be “human?” I think this depicts that really well. I also like how you used the three primary colors to help make this attractive to the eye.

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