Summer Night




fast hand wings

of evening bats

streak through stellar space

flying and falling

between dark pines

cupped ears far above me

are snaring echoes

I do not hear

and I cannot decipher

the flying points of light

flashing in my eyes

and in the trees

a million voices

not meant for me

the red sun has gone

and left me here

alone on warm land

under a purple sky

surrounded by

the inscrutable signals

of other lives



Image: “SummerNight” by Tullio, altered ink drawing, 2012

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One response to “Summer Night

  1. Heidi Cade

    I have to say that I love this poem. I’m not a big poem reader but this one caught my eye and also my mind. “Summer night” interprets exactly what summer nights are all about. On a clear summer night the sky is beautiful and it’s not real dark; It has a bluish-purple tint to it. The lives of others are around, everyone enjoys spending their nights outside. The nights are longer and it seems so peaceful. The photo reminds me of the evening sky, and the fire flies u see everywhere. Very beautiful!

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