Daily Archives: July 16, 2012

In summer


Under cool forest canopy,

a wood bridge echoes my moves.

It sways, slows me down,

and sharpens my attention.

Leaning on arms and elbows, I breathe and feel beams heave

down through leaves

to the pond below,

where a rainbow arcs

among green fish

and clear fly wings.Wavelets form and subside,

calming the fluid flow

of my bloodstream.

By a grey cloudbank,

birds call to each other.

This sound alters my chemistry.

Their power resides

in being so far above.Things I do not see

and cannot comprehend

change everything.

I exist for a time

in the minds of others,

while gravity propels me

through photon waves

in an inevitable fall

toward the center of the earth.

Image: “Summer Sun” by Tullio, altered ink drawing, 2012


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