In summer


Under cool forest canopy,

a wood bridge echoes my moves.

It sways, slows me down,

and sharpens my attention.

Leaning on arms and elbows, I breathe and feel beams heave

down through leaves

to the pond below,

where a rainbow arcs

among green fish

and clear fly wings.Wavelets form and subside,

calming the fluid flow

of my bloodstream.

By a grey cloudbank,

birds call to each other.

This sound alters my chemistry.

Their power resides

in being so far above.Things I do not see

and cannot comprehend

change everything.

I exist for a time

in the minds of others,

while gravity propels me

through photon waves

in an inevitable fall

toward the center of the earth.

Image: “Summer Sun” by Tullio, altered ink drawing, 2012


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6 responses to “In summer

  1. Gabriella Wertheim

    So you are happy for a time and calm at a moment when you first enter the forest. And as you are truly entering and hearing all the noises of the summers forest you become small and unimportant because you say “I exist for a time”. Reading this poem, what I take out of it is that when you first enter is when you are born, everything is bright and beautiful. But as you enter more and more into the summer forest is when you are growing older, but not too old because its summer. Spring is birth and through the seasons you grow older. You also state “Things I do not see/
    and cannot comprehend/ change everything”, so you cannot see your future and that scares you? You just move through “photons waves” of life. In the end we grow older and we live. If it be for a specific reason or just living because we are. Truly I think I am not scared of growing old and frail; however, what is scary is if your life means nothing and your just living. Beauty passes you by while your getting older and you cannot stop the process. You don’t want to be sucked into this so called world we call our lives. ” Spiraling down in ” inevitable fall/ toward the center of the earth.” is depressing and becomes a dark place if you let it consume you.

    • Thanks for your thoughtful reading of the text, Gabriella. I often don’t have a single interpretation of what is being said in my poems – their meaning or meanings, or even how they may evoke certain feelings. I’m pretty sure that those things vary from person to person. That’s one reason why I write poems… I see both mystery and meaning in the world.

  2. Tara Ruhl

    I think piece really shows how summer is. I can picture the sun trying to break into the forest where it is dark on the ground below. It is very quite except for the rush of water nearby. The poem reflects what the picture is showing. It is also as if a bird is flying above all if this and is the poem is through the eyes of the bird. The orange is the summer and the black and white is the forest. Everything is new and bright and there is a fresh start to life.

  3. Becca

    I enjoy the brightness of this piece. I can see the summer and how the sun is trying to come out from behind all the parts of nature that hide it day after day. I like how the bright orange makes my eyes curious and keep searching for more. It really draws one in to try and understand what is really going on.

  4. Maggie M

    I believe that if we all take the time out to truly experience and discover nature for what it truly is we just might see the wounder that it can bring to our lives.There is so much beauty beyond our see,we just have to take the time to listen and watch what going on around us.We would be so amazed in what beauty we have discover. I really like the meaning of the poem.

  5. Will Patti

    I really liked this poem. The imagery it created was really nice. I felt like I was on a little adventure and received a big sense of peacefulness while reading it.

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