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Let go.


do we hold on to painful thoughts, emotions, memories, and stress? We can’t seem to stop them. We have tried many
times to make ourselves feel better. Earnestly, we have tried to let go of
pain. And we have failed enough to believe it is nearly impossible.

The brain can learn to let go of painful thoughts, emotions, memories, and the stresses
of living. It is something done in an instant. When the mind gives up its hold
on painful things they disappear.

of the traumatic experiences of our lives occur in an instant. Yet we carry
them with us for years. We re-experience them each time something reminds us of
the circumstances in which we first encountered some shocking event. Replayed
in the mind, they paralyze us from moving forward, from getting past them, from
growing and maturing beyond their limiting effects.

Getting stuck in a repetitive pattern of thought or behavior can occur in an instant and it can be overcome in an instant. Just as we
learned to fear a thing as a result of a momentary experience we can release it
in a moment. Change is something we can learn to do – to actually live in
the moment. Free is something
we can be. We ache for this. It is not out of reach. We can make the mind a better place.

Image: “letgo” by Tullio, digital image, 2012


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