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Intersection 01 – In the Cloud


the prehistoric cave to the contemporary data center, the intersection of art,
science, and technology illuminates and defines the scope and scale of human
experience. The incessant production of astonishing images and deep ideas by technology-assisted
human intelligence propels us in an inexorable arc of cultural evolution. Space
telescopes and electron microscopes, supercomputers the size of public buildings
– our tools can inspire enthusiasm and excitement about learning and the
possibility of understanding how the universe works and illuminating our place
within it.

are witnessing the dawn of a new worldview, which departs from classical
principles in ways more profound than we may yet know. The basic constituents
of the universe appear to have contradictory natures. Particles act in
wave-like ways, can be in two opposing states at once, and they can somehow
transmit information about themselves instantaneously across astronomical

technology is transporting us at an exponential rate by a multiplication of
machine intelligence toward some predictable point in this century in which it
will dwarf the very minds that created it. The power of our aesthetic simulacra
has achieved the power of virtual reality, sufficiently persuasive to
convincingly reproduce our actual experience.

our understanding of the mind bestowed upon us through billions of years of
planetary evolution has arrived full-circle, as consciousness itself is
beginning to reveal its nature. And its nature appears to depart from classical
conceptions, emerges from chaos and complexity, exhibits both discreet states
and wave phenomena, and has achieved a central position in scientific descriptions
of the physical world – as the “observer” crucial to the very creation of
reality at the quantum scale.

are swept up in a tidal flow of transformative change, in which our art,
science, and technology is increasingly miniaturized, internalized, and
projected upon the patterns of our experience in the world. We are alive at the crossroads of bio-technology and techno-biology.

inventions are transformative, allowing us to transcend our bodily limitations
and redefine what it is to be intelligent, human, alive. Logging into the Internet
extends our individual nervous systems and connects them to the networked patterns
of intelligence generated by both humans and machines. At this intersection –
within the cloud – they are one.

*Image: “Intersection 01 – In the Cloud” by Tullio,
digital image, 2012



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Fall Poems 2012


To the mantis on the wall
I’m a shadow cast by clouds
cool stillness
interrupting the warmth
of autumn’s fading sun

Lithe green conscious machine
400 million years of insect evolution
unimpressed by my superior intellect

Caught in that moment
of self-doubt
and sensing the presence
of an ancient predator
I retreat and anticipate the uncanny evolutionof empathy




once, sound was all above me
buzz of crickets, shrill cicadas
shook the trees

absent now
instead it’s the sharp crunch
of insect bodies
mixed with acorns
beneath my boots

old leaves too
one day they’re tree-bound and wind-rustled
and the next day they show up
down here

this transference
seems fraught with some meaning
it is beyond me
like the warmth that slips farther
away each day

I know it is gravity
that does it
but it seems
much heavier than that


Late in October

Playing the odds of one more warm day
The last katydid is hanging tough
While a mantis prepares for hara-kiri

Nervous chipmunks pool intelligence
They’re drawing up secret maps
And hiding them in burrows
I hear each year they forget
Where they’ve stashed them
And so must struggle like the rest of us
Blinded by frozen eyelids
Stumbling, falling
Toward utter hibernation

Squirrels are in my face
Staring right through me
Peering for nuts I may have hidden
behind my ears

I guess I’m no threat now
Compared to what’s coming
The ones who can’t take the pressure
throw themselves in front of cats


Fault for the Fall

You’re just being cruel
We really did all we could
To pretty things up around here

A lot of us are trying to pick up after you
But it’s a lost cause and we know it

Leaves are strewn around
With no concern for what’s getting clogged up
Don’t you know the rain needs somewhere to go?

Treeloads of berries are rotting on the ground
The sidewalks are all sticky
And it’s starting to smell
We have to live here, you know

It’s cold
Getting fat is making sense
Already, some of us are starting to give in
Those white flakes you threw in my face today
Were an insult, weren’t they?

Not only that
You threw my hat in the dirt
When I walked out the door

And this killing spree of yours
Goes on and on
I know for a fact
The doe on the highway
Was innocent

Words and Image by Tullio DeSantis, 2012
Image: “Fall” by Tullio, digital image

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