item in the vast inventory of my experience shimmers with reflected meanings, chains
of association, connections. Particles move and spin, waves of energy
interpenetrate, all in some vast synchronous orchestration of sight, sound, and
sensation. Waves of photons, cosmic rays, vast energies from the edge of
existence penetrate my being. Transfixed by the ineffable trajectories of time
and space, the multidimensional interconnectedness of every instant – being
alive, the astonishment of sensory awareness, pure consciousness – overwhelm
me. I am impelled to make things that contain it, transform it, to communicate,
to inform, to send messages encoded with the patterns of intelligence and emotion
inspiring my life.

Click here for iTunes access to ARTologyPOD sound piece: “Dreamwaves”


Filed under Poetry

2 responses to “Dreamwaves

  1. Clinton Faust

    I find this subject very interesting to consider, knowing the answer is beyond my realm of imagination. What is the purpose of dreams? Is there level s of dream states depending on your level of consciousness? I find the dynamics of dreams an interesting perspective to understand their influence in your life.

  2. Maggie M

    I believe that we all have some kind of dream waves that we can discover. I also believe that our dreams are a other way that we wished that we could lead our lives. Our dreams are also a way for our brain to find comforted in the busy lives that we tend to lead .Our dream’s are our only get away card that we can play over and over again each time we close our eyes.

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