Then We Die



Image: “Then We Die” – Tullio DeSantis, 2012


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7 responses to “Then We Die

  1. Paola Mateo

    I can relate to the color palate used in this picture; the dark colors and depth within this piece is very captivating. It is a beautiful piece of work, and I can appreciate the haunting beauty I see within it.

  2. Amanda m

    When I look at the image I can see a faint image of a scarey clown.

  3. Lisa

    This piece is definitely more than meets the eye. With all the hype of the end of the world last year this piece fits well. It gives of a Mayan Aztec feel and you can see different images within it.

  4. Abigail Melendez

    My eyes see many strange figures in this as I continue staring, and they continue to change. The colors are a very good choice for the message being conveyed here.

  5. Jared DeFrees

    At first, the picture had really caught my attention because of the red on black. As my eyes started to go over the patterns, I found my eyes moving all around the image discovering every interesting shape and form. I feel darker vibes from the colors and the way the patterns are expressed.the title helps create this feeling, so it fits well.

  6. Rosanne Washington

    The colors of this piece look like they are red, black and green. I see it as cotton blended fabric I would choose to make an afro-centric garment or one to be used in making a quilt or wall hanging. I like the movement that the colors and patterns created in the piece.

  7. Josh Grant

    The intense colors of this definitely match the thought provoking name. The name itself begs one to ponder what happens prior to “then we die”. The piece itself is very busy and full, with an alarming, busy color hue attached to it. Perhaps in society today, we focus too much on what the world expects of us, while neglecting what really matter. And by the time we figure out our mistake, it is too late. We have already wasted the precious time we had. Then we die. As morbid as that may be, it is important to get the most out of life while we are here.

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