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In Winter


In Winter

snowflake galaxies whirl above the
frozen pond

white sparks stream from my old coal

standing straight up against the wind

I see light everywhere

photon embers of the big bang

fill the sky to the edge of the sun

from another universe

a dark form

a deer on the ridge

looks into my eyes

we share a breath of air

in that cool moment

we know what it is

to be alive

bowing our heads

we bend forward

into the drift


Cold spirits

If spirits roam

In small spaces

Between slow burning suns

And the inexorable slide of gravity

They see our bodies

living breathing steam

Freezing white in solid air

As if our souls hung there

Getting gasoline

Out cold in orange-yellow bays

Great bright stalls, greasy ice

Where we stand

Shocked by the knowledge

Of our predicament

Driven to wander

Risking everything

Going home


brain freeze

Words are frozen mind crystals.

Sentences are chunks of ice.

Once they are formed

That part of the brain stops thinking

And just repeats the words

Over and over.

We end up with titanic icebergs

In our heads.


*Text and Image by Tullio DeSantis:Image: “Winter” – Tullio – 2012


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