The Mind and its Double – 2013


Aided by machine intelligence with computational speeds measured in thousands of trillions of operations per second and software capable of analyzing petabytes of significant data, we are codifying and digitizing the entire resource of human knowledge.

We use our very curiosity and creativity to invent novel ways to map the myriad connections existing within these matrices of information. Vast interconnected databases reveal deep relationships between previously disparate disciplines, such as biology, astronomy, physics, and neuroscience.

Our powerful technological tools of art are used to create imaginary virtual worlds for diversion and the utterly real worlds of military combat and computer-assisted brain surgery. In this way, we see the correspondences between the real and the virtual, and we come to better understand the relationship between art and life. It is the same as the relationship between culture and nature. They mirror each other. This mirroring is our own, species-specific mental experience, the human mind in the world as experienced by human beings.

Advances in our ability to create intricately detailed visual images allow us to see farther, deeper, and more precisely. When we can actually see complex physical processes at both microscopic and macroscopic scales, we can conceive of new mathematical relationships and physical processes, which yield novel ways to forge new materials, inventions, and world views.

We bring our cultural knowledge and resources to the task of symbolically representing nature and our place within it. This mirroring of the world and natural processes by technology and its transformation into an aesthetically significant experience is the nexus of science and art. It is our culture. And now we are programming it into supercomputers. Supercomputing power heralds a new age of enlightenment, in which science, technology, and art comingle.

Spurred on by networked media and the urgency of mass culture, our words, images, and narratives evolve, advancing global repositories of cultural memes. Harnessed by economic and political realities, their power to change us is magnified by rapid technological advance. There is vast potential for good here. Exponential increase in intelligence holds the promise of the rapid evolution of better cultural memes, better minds…a better world.


First Image: 00000011 – Tullio – 2013
Second Image: 00000010 – Tullio – ink drawing – 2013


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17 responses to “The Mind and its Double – 2013

  1. Tami

    How long does it take you to finish a body of work such as the ones on this page?

  2. Cynthia Gingerich

    It is refreshing to see this perspective on the possibilities of the recent advances of media, especially the internet. So many focus on the negatives of the internet, and I agree there are some, but truly it has great potential for good influences to reach mass numbers, to educate, enlighten, and unify. Your poetic essay made me think of other eras in time where great change occurred, which at the time was viewed as controversial and negative, but looking back no one would think so.

  3. susan

    I wonder when the mirror will allow us to see the veil between us and reality…if there is, indeed, such a thing as reality.

  4. Tanisha Fisher

    I find this piece very attractive using different colors to me it seem to be reaching every one worldwide. Some people believe that the internet is not productive but infact you can reach people worldwide by using the web.

  5. Tyler Smith

    the first image to me is very cool. i love the color schemes it has and makes me think of a nice day in the spring or summer. it is fascinating how much work and time must go into the drawings.

  6. James

    The first image really attracted me to this, I first thought it moved and then while I kept looking at it, the swirl seemed to glow brighter and brighter to the point where I had too look away. Maybe that was the intent of it to capture that much attention but it looks awesome.

  7. Sierra

    I feel like this piece reflects the words appropriately. It strikes me as a collaboration of fingerprints; human interaction digitalized.

  8. Deanna Madison

    I like the first picture. When I first looked at it the image reminded me of when a person looks into the sun, or into a bright light and then sees those constant bright rings every time they close their eyes. After I scrolled down the page and read what you had wrote, as well as comments, I returned to look at the picture. This time what I saw was different. I saw ripples in a marshy pond after a pebble had been dropped in with the sun’s rays reflecting off of each ripple. Then I noticed the markings on the outside of the ripples, which reminded me the shadows or reflections of fish. I do not know why my mind suddenly went to this, but I find it interesting that it put me in a place as if I had been staring into the sun, then looked down into a lake that the sun shone over and saw ripples and fish. This image was very captivating to me in that sense.

  9. Just Using My Imagination
    Looking out the window of the international space station, the layers of the atmosphere surround the planet Saturn. With the colored gas filled circles shining in patterns. All while, the landscape of the planet spins around within universe. On the distant edge, the moons circle within their gravitational pool. An Imagination is a great thing to have and explore.

  10. Larissa Jones

    I like the first image. It reminds me of well, honestly stoner vision (how its depicted on TV or other media forms”. Its kind of got a rainbow, hippy dippy, vibe (not that all hippies are stoners), and makes me go back to the movies I have seen representing back then. Its a wave of color. On the other hand I’m sitting here with “How the universe works” blaring out of the TV and start to realize that it also reminds me of space. Whenever depicted, the universe is full or vibrant colors, whether were seeing twinkling constellations, various colored planets, and galaxies full of bright spectrum’s.

  11. Bertha C.Rodriguez

    The Mind and its Double represents the billions of microchips that are found in cyber world there are many uses that microchips perform in the twenty-first century. This painting reminds me of the eye and laser surgery. The painting seems like zeroing in from the outside into the deepest part of the mind.

  12. Rosanne Washington

    At first glance this piece reminds me of a complex tie dye. Each ring a different color makes it an intricate design. I am drawn to your choice of colors in this piece. The center nucleus color choice commands attention it is appears again briefly at the outer edges suggesting the beginning of new cells.
    The title suggests how a thought may create new ideas in the mind and what happens to the cells as they explode with excitement. The cells expand showing enthusiasm in the expansion of colors in celebration of the new idea it has just received and it wants to share and multiply this fantastic newness with fellow cells.

  13. Tanicia Pabon

    The pieces seem very unique to me the first piece attracted me because of all the different colors in the image they all seem to go together perfectly. The first image makes me feels so relaxed when looking at it, it makes my mind feel at ease. It makes so many peaceful thoughts go through my head and makes me feel stress free. The second image seems so creative to me, to think you only did this with a pen. It makes me wonder what all the little images make up to be. It also makes me wonder what exactly you based this drawing off of. Even the first image I wonder where your main source came from what inspired you to draw such a unique and complex drawing. Both drawing relate to each other because of them looking similar. They both look as if you drew the same thing but just made them different because of the first one having colors and the second one being in black and white. The details that were added to the first one with all the different colors really makes it stand out and make it seem as if it is moving if you are staring at it. Also in the first image all the colors that were used sort of give it a glowing effect to give it a more realistic feeling. Both images make me think of things in space or when I was younger and I always liked looking into a kaleidoscope to see the different images.

  14. erica

    The first image is awesome i love the colors that you used it brings it to life to me.

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