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“Biology” – Pery Burge and Tullio DeSantis

Early last year, artist Pery Burge and I initiated a collaborative effort combining the text and audio pieces I was working on with the multicolor images of fluid flow she was creating as artist-in-residence in the Thermofluids Lab in the College of Engineering, Mathematics and Physical Sciences of the University of Exeter in the UK.

We created a trilogy that presents an aesthetic interpretation of scientific knowledge describing the birth and evolution of the material universe and the origin and evolution of life on Earth. Presented sequentially, “Cosmology,” “Astronomy,” and “Biology” span the 13.7 billion years separating now from the Big Bang.

Here is a version of “Biology” with on-screen text.


Pery and I went on to create a series of music videos and were working on several new ones, when she took ill. Her death this week is a great loss, but she was a gifted artist, and left the world a richer place. Among the many amazing creative things she did, she brought my words and music to life.



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