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Art, Life, Death, and Collaborative Reality

Art and life are a welter of continuous perception, imagery, interrelationship, and the creation of new experience. Like the complex water waves among swimmers, interactions of perception, emotion, and cognition – shared experiences – reverberate and fill the spaces of our lives.

We are aware of the saturation of our cultural environment, by virtue of a continuous stream of information and aesthetic sensation speeding through the electronic networks of the contemporary world. Our inner lives, as well – our very neurons – are equally subsumed, bathed in the reflected knowledge of each other’s minds and hearts.

We are interconnected and our experiences are shared. The worlds we inhabit are of our creation. We imagine them, and proceed to create them. Inhabiting and experiencing these virtual environments, which in turn become our new reality. We evolve within it. And we evolve together.


I received these images recently, from my friend, the art collector and designer, Deborah Schmidt. They depict two pieces of my work from the early 1990s in her collection – a black-and-white painting and painted globe. I was so happy to hear from her again after many years and happy as well to see the work so well cared for and appreciated.  This allowed me to recall its creation, public exhibition, and our entangled lives.

It can be revelatory to encounter one’s work in the world at large. This experience was brought home for me again, with the recent death of friend and collaborator, Pery Burge. She leaves behind a magnificent collection of the continuously inspiring work she loved to do. She leaves behind, also, the work we were doing together. This work continues to be shared with the world. In this way, even our collaboration continues.

It is a wondrous and wonderful thing to create one’s purest aesthetic experiences to live on in the minds, hearts, and lives of others in the real world – the one we create together.


Black-and-white painting and painted globe by Tullio DeSantis, in the collection of Deborah Schmidt.


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