Image: “00000111” – 2013 – Tullio 


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2 responses to “00000111

  1. Lisa Ramos

    This Image is fascinating it really grabs my attention I really the circular pattern it has going in the image I also like that its background looks as if it has two layers of frame background going in the image as well. It’s amazing how the mind works when your working on a piece of artwork and realize what a great piece of art work was created when you gave it all your best and let your brain relax and go with the flow of your imagination I look at art as if it is magic because of all the many ways you can create art in such an outstanding format that calls out your attention as well as other’s attention to such a beautiful piece of art because art is beauty as its look at.

  2. Joelle Figueroa

    I really enjoy this piece. At first glance it looks quite simple, just a ton of dots. But when you stop and really observe every aspect it is very detailed and ever mark seems to have a meaning and specificity in its placement. Not only does the background look multi-dimensional, but so do the dots. The background seems to divide up as you look into the center. And the longer I looked at it the more it changed; it even appeared to be an optical illusion. With time I realized each dot was not placed carelessly. There seemed to be a circular pattern that was very saturated in the middle and seemed to become more loose and free as it descends outward. The tiny dots give the piece a lot of texture and movement. This appears to be perfectly executed and very well thought out. If I were to name this piece I would call it “Marching through Time”. Like life, at first it seems like the things you do seem pointless. However at the end when you stand back and look at the overall picture, it all makes sense.

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