New Science

My work with neurofeedback, consciousness research, and aesthetics requires new ways to understand the mind that are more responsive to the data than are described by materialist and reductionist metaphors.

As a method of inquiry into phenomena, and therefore human experience, the scientific method has demonstrated itself to be a most powerful instrument. It is a methodology not a system of belief.

One does not “believe in science”. Yet, many people practice science – and profess a belief in it – as if it produces final and absolute truth. That would be counterproductive, as scientific thinking is a form of skeptical inquiry, which proceeds by hypothesis, experiment, and theory. Gaining knowledge about phenomena and experience is an ongoing process. The truths it produces are tentative, incomplete – they are working hypotheses, only.

The views of Rupert Sheldrake can illuminate this discussion. In this video, he discusses what happens to science when it is treated as a kind of religious belief system, how this holds us back from coming to terms with new data, and the need for a new rebirth of open-mindedness.


Note: This video and Sheldrake’s views invariably stir controversy. The reaction to his TED talk and this video has been quite extensive:

For now, the entire video is here. However, it may be pulled at any time. The controversy continues.



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3 responses to “New Science

  1. Cynthia Gingerich

    I am so thrilled to hear this concept presented and encouraged. Being steeped in tradition and stubbornly adhering to doctrines in religion, science, or really any area of life is stifling. Though I believe strongly in taking a stand for what is right, for what is loving, and for what is true; if you are standing for something you don’t understand and/or haven’t experienced, you aren’t really taking a stand, but rather blindly following. I love science that explores and seeks answers and improvements to life through theories, experiments, and observation. To me, that is the only true science.

  2. joshua goretzke

    I found this man discussion very interesting. Especially how we try to make laws to explain things and in turn make them fact. Laws are however never the only way or the right way hence the reason they are ever changing. Science try’s to give things exact definitions. Although I enjoy science and its ability to think out side the box I do not enjoy the rules it puts on life. Rules and laws place limits on the possibilities. Our world is limitless, the only limits we have is our imagination.

  3. Excellent speech and your words pretty much sum it up as usual. Thanks for the share!

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