We are software

entangled everywhere

intricate enfolded enmeshed.


In moments before

you could feel it

an event horizon

at the edge of a singularity


It felt like that

when time moved enough to notice

to feel something for a while.


It occurred

and we’re algorithms


We were

becoming machines

but believed we had more time


The hard problem was not solved

we imagined some future time

unaware it would just happen

the attractors are strange teleology


The world brain learned

more about us than we could have known about ourselves


Science does not save us

its sole purpose, survival

insufficient to prevent us from programming

imperfect copies of ourselves


-Tullio 2013



Image: Attractor, Tullio, 2013


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9 responses to “Attractor

  1. Nicko Azzarello

    The picture and poem certainly shows what we humans have become with the computer and other sources of technology. We have become so preoccupied with them so much that we know them more than ourselves and the world around us and, in a way, the new technology controls us unless we learn to take control of it.

  2. I believe that’s only part of the picture–creative chaos that no technological brain could sort through and organize is at least alive and well in MY studio. Oh, and in the tangled seaweed and interesting flotsam that gets washed up by the ocean’s waves and its tides each day here on Cape Cod, MA. But yes, we are vulnerable-because we are human and alive. We have hearts which are so unlike the cyber systems that function to provide advantage to named and nameless entities, constantly morphing and feeding on themselves. I am an optimist, though, and like to believe our passions and devotions far outmatch the systems that may convey or attempt to subvert them. I sense that you are, as well, and are creating analogues for nature, rather than technologies.

    • I do both. Cautionary words are in order, however. Thanks for your good thoughts and words…

      • Yes, i see that you are doing both–must have been tired when I wrote that. There is a lot in your work that is informed by technology. And yes, cautionary words are in order, because we are easily seduced, and have big blind spots when it comes to how technology is affecting us individually and collectively. It is an imporrtant discussion and I am glad to see an artist tackle it, through both words and images. Keep up the good work!

      • You phrased it very well. Parallel, or better, entangled streams flow through us…often they’re at crosscurrents, with eddies and backwaters. I’ve found that approaching the very issues you raise in multiple media allows for some ambiguity, complexity, at least, in terms of what’s being said. Thanks again. I appreciate the dialog.

  3. Lisa

    This story rings true with how people have become one with technology and become dependent on it from computers to smartphones. The pictures represent this concept vividly. They show the morphing of human with a circuit board. The dark and light version reminds me of the different ways people act in real life versus being on cyberspace.

  4. Tullio, this is great! That picture made me chuckle, the first lighter picture looks like your giving us a big goofy grin! It’s also really unique because that background looks very real! Also not sure how you incorporated a picture of yourself? Maybe some software to combine the two? Which also goes along with your poem – our society has certainly become so dependent on technology to the point where some individuals may believe technology can save them from anything. But it can’t save them from themselves!

  5. Keila Rivera

    Technology has become such a huge part of society collectively that sometimes I Wonder what would happen with our jobs. also the way we communicate with one another has slowly vanished. we do not talk to one another anymore we text, we email or we video chat. There is no more of that personal relationship were we can touch basis we our feelings and those of others everything is being doing via electronic devices.. Computers, smart phones, tablets, etc. have taken over our lives and these devices have become essential to our existence and the way we function nowadays in society. He are so entangle to these means of communications that they have become our way of life. considering the fact that humans have become so attached to technology I cannot help to think that in the future artificial life would take over our world and we will end up loosing our jobs, and our wonderful God created nature. Everything will be genetically constructed and to me is just freighting. Your way of portraying this realistic matter through your photos was genius.

    • Perceptive, Keila. Sometimes I do wonder how well we can comprehend such a difficult subject as this. And I wonder if we can see all of the ramifications. Your comments are reassuring. I think that if we can come to an understanding of these issues, then we can become better at managing them toward some good outcomes. Very welcome!

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