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Poems for Spring

spring field effect tullio 2013


Dressing you
with my eyes

I’ve been
watching you very closely
for more than
a month.

You’re always
up before me.

In fact, as
far as I know
you’re always

You’re there
when I awake
yourself more lovely
right in
front of me.

You do it so
I can’t stare

New tones of
cover your

Your body
like the
behind a
peacock’s tail.

Then suddenly
you’re adorning yourself
with cherry,
lilac, and forsythia.

I can hardly
differences between us.

You are the
most beautiful thing.

Even I can
see that.



Low-Rent Birds

I fall for common birds
My youth misspent
With bushtits and boobies

Robin seduced me
Each and every spring
I loved her
For her breast alone

I’m still thrilled by starlings
Simple silhouettes
With little hearts as grand
As the beating cores
Of brilliant eagles
That have no time to flirt

All birds are lovebirds
Equal in the blue eyes
Of the empty sky




taking off

holding you between your legs
sliding my finger into you
I lift you up
with one hand

holding you at arm’s length
I turn you like a pink propeller

spinning on my finger there
you lift us both into the air
while down below us
sirens blare
people stare
and animals on rooftops
call out our names
as if we were
their long lost pets

passing through a clear blue cloud
I let you go to spin alone
freely as you dare
little drops of golden dew
trickle down my palm
reminding me of where
I held you there
before you were
really even born

now, when the wind
sways the yellow trees
I kiss my fingertip
I hold it in the air
believing you
hover there

Words and image – Tullio DeSantis – 2013


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