Poems for Spring

spring field effect tullio 2013


Dressing you
with my eyes

I’ve been
watching you very closely
for more than
a month.

You’re always
up before me.

In fact, as
far as I know
you’re always

You’re there
when I awake
yourself more lovely
right in
front of me.

You do it so
I can’t stare

New tones of
cover your

Your body
like the
behind a
peacock’s tail.

Then suddenly
you’re adorning yourself
with cherry,
lilac, and forsythia.

I can hardly
differences between us.

You are the
most beautiful thing.

Even I can
see that.



Low-Rent Birds

I fall for common birds
My youth misspent
With bushtits and boobies

Robin seduced me
Each and every spring
I loved her
For her breast alone

I’m still thrilled by starlings
Simple silhouettes
With little hearts as grand
As the beating cores
Of brilliant eagles
That have no time to flirt

All birds are lovebirds
Equal in the blue eyes
Of the empty sky




taking off

holding you between your legs
sliding my finger into you
I lift you up
with one hand

holding you at arm’s length
I turn you like a pink propeller

spinning on my finger there
you lift us both into the air
while down below us
sirens blare
people stare
and animals on rooftops
call out our names
as if we were
their long lost pets

passing through a clear blue cloud
I let you go to spin alone
freely as you dare
little drops of golden dew
trickle down my palm
reminding me of where
I held you there
before you were
really even born

now, when the wind
sways the yellow trees
I kiss my fingertip
I hold it in the air
believing you
hover there

Words and image – Tullio DeSantis – 2013


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18 responses to “Poems for Spring

  1. Tami

    Thank you. Spring is such a time of renewel. As I read your first poem, I was reminded of the cherry blossoms and the transformation they are about to have in Washington D.C. It is a tradition of mine to watch as the mall changes from its winter gray to its spring pink. The showering petals as the breeze comes off the Hudson. That is my kind of snow showers.

  2. Allison

    I really enjoyed both your art and your poem. The art complements the poem so nicely. When I look at your art, I just feel the warmth of the sun and it reminds me right away of spring or summer. It’s so refreshing. The poem was pretty spot on with how many feel about Spring.

  3. James

    This makes me really miss the one week we had where it went from the 40’s-50’s out and then went into the mid 80’s. I love that weather it just feels and looks amazing outside. Your artwork is very nice, and reminds me of all the fun things we do outside during the spring and summer.

  4. Tullio, your poems are beautiful! They make me miss when i used to write in highschool! The first poem is my favorite – you can envision through your words the beauty of spring, and the warmth of the sun! It flows very nice, and the ending is wonderful! Your art is wonderful too, i would love to be taught how to do such work! It really captures the sun in itself, even with the white resembling the plasma on the sun’s surface. The light green background goes great with your spring theme as well – making the theme of spring really pop out at you! you go tullio, you go!

  5. Amanda M.

    This was very nicely put; the picture and the poems all fit together because spring is such a beautiful time of year. Isn’t it pretty funny how most people speak of spring and only light and happiness is brought up? Each season, I believe, plays a huge role in everyone’s emotions. This perfectly explains how most would feel about spring, especially me! I love the warmth, the flowers, and the happiness that is brought forth from everyone.

  6. Christy J

    Am I the only one to feel an incredible sensual tide rush over and in me? Like the hot southern sun, burning me inside and out. Beautiful Tullio.

  7. Thanks for the good comments and positive energy, friends.

  8. Karen M.

    As I stare at the yellow circle and read the beginning of your poem, I imagine the sun beating down on my face as I wake each morning. I’m greeted with warmth from teh winter’s end. I can smell those fragrances of the new blooms of the flowers and trees your described. I look forward to spring every year so I can hear the birds sing so sweetly as they settle back from their journey from the south. Not many seem to take time to sit and relax with nature these days. Most of us are often in the hustle and bustle of work and activities.I look forward to this season every year to sit on my front-porch on my rocker and enjoy a cup of coffee while the sun shines, the birds sing, and I admire all the different colors and fragrances of my garden. After reading, “passing through a clear blue cloud” I wonder if you have lost someone close to you; as I have. Often I sit on my porch thinking of my father and my nephew, Brian, who are in heaven, missing them as I stare at the empty ashtray left behind that they both shared while they drank coffee, smoked a cigarette, and talked about their plans and listening to my father’s wisdom. I know they are watching over us and sometimes I can hear their voices in my head telling me not to worry, everything will be all right. Take care of Mom until it’s time for her to come home.

    Your art and poetry is beautiful and relaxing. Thank you for sharing.

  9. David Shields

    Hi Tullio. Your poems of Spring are beautiful indeed. In fact when I was reading through them it brought back a beautiful memory of mine that I must share with you. It was a crisp spring morning around six o’clock am that mother earth revealed her true beauty to me. Driving down 662 headed to work I was never expecting to be taken back by such an amazing sight. There was a light mist on the green rolling hills of the Oley Valley. As I looked to both sides, the sun kissed the valley in such a way that it garnished the beautiful greens with diamonds. The beautiful farm land of the Oley Valley was cast in a sea of glimmering emeralds. It brought tears to my eyes and I have never taken mother nature for granted again.

  10. Keila Rivera

    Hello Tullio,
    This poem is impressively a very accurate picture of spring. It brings fond memories of my beautiful island Puerto Rico. The way you had described this wonderful and beautiful season paints a vivid colorful picture of one of God’s most amazing creations, “nature”. Seeing flowers bloom and birds nesting, valleys become greener is indeed an amazing experience. An experience we take for granted. It was a very beautiful poem to read. Thanks!

  11. Nicole Voigt

    I usually take my dog outside at around 5am and during the winter is really dark and cold at that time. I don’t particularly enjoy the winter and as February approaches I have usually had my fill of cold, dark days. Then there is one day, I notice that winter begins to minimize its hold on us and sunrise begins to start earlier each morning. The brighter light turns me to a sense of renewal as spring descends upon us. Eventually, there is a morning when I notice that there are birds chirping loudly in the trees. On that morning, I smile to myself knowing that spring is just around the corner, the sun will light the sky longer and the days will become warmer. By far, this is my favorite season of the year.

  12. Niraj Patel

    Wow, beautiful poem representing your art. I really like your art reminding me the time of spring. The blue background of the art can represent even Sun is happy to farewell the powerful winter and ready to be in the sky for longer time in the sky. Great Job Mr. Tullio DeSantis. Thank you for shring this beautiful art and poem with us.

  13. Allison Lawless

    When I look at “Poems for Spring” I think of the sun. While reading the words of images I think of a sun rise. I imagine the green rays of sunlight radiating from the sun, until it comes up to its climax in the sky. At climax the sun transcends it magnificent rays on to everything below- making everything apart of its beauty.

  14. Kristen B.

    I think both the image at the top and the poems compliment one another well. They both give off a feeling of warmth. The bright yellow circle with swirling white dots reminds me of the sun, with the white creating the idea of swirling flames encompassing the sun’s surface. The poems all give a sense of a different kind of warmth, more the affectionate kind. All the poems echo a feeling of comfort and intimacy, which can also lead to emotional renewal, similar to the way the spring season is renewal for nature.

  15. Andrew C

    Before I noticed the poems, the image struck me. Without even reading the title of the post the composition made me feel spring. The light, pastel yellow reminds me of the warming spring sun. It’s not the bright, oppressive sun of mid-August, but the soft, warm, nurturing sun of early spring. The green reminds me of the flora awakening after the cold, harsh winter.
    Technically, the composition is a great example of color contract. The soft green on the outside of the composition is also the soft green used on the dots on the yellow circle. The contrast of the light green dots on the bright yellow circle gives the dots an almost white appearance. It isn’t until the dots hit the faint, dark border around the circle that you can tell it’s the same green used on the outside of the composition.
    The meandering dots of the design create exciting paths for the viewer. No two times that they look at it will they follow the dots the exact same way. The dots also give a sense of texture to the composition. You feel as though you could reach out, touch the composition, and feel soft, smooth dots.
    The composition is also a great example of a non-objective shape.

    In response to the first poem beginning with “Dressing you with my eyes…” At first, I wasn’t sure of the subject. Was it a friend visiting, a family member, a partner? And slowly I began to realize the subject was a tree.
    The poem creates such a unique, romantic way to look at a tree. Nature, unfortunately, is something that the majority of people take advantage of. The poem describes how growth all happens so slowly (but can appear as if it happens almost instantly), the growing of leaves, and then even fruit, how the process is almost unnoticeable, but the products and effects are not. It’s similar to how we don’t see the minute hand moving on the clock, but within no time, class is over.

    Both the composition and the poem are beautiful interpretations of spring.

  16. Will Patti

    I enjoyed reading all of these, but they made me ready for spring already. I was ready for warm weather again.

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