I am the Sun

In hot atmosphere

Photon fingers

Of the near star

Pulling hard

I barely survive

With skin intact


We are the Sun


blue air above us

summer green

surrounding warm skin

we’re free here

like butterflies

hawks, foxes

deer, serpents

like undulant trout

we’re arms and legs

splayed wide

at play with each other

spread under radial boughs

of wide open elms

we’re hot pink

as thistles

and naked

like the flesh of day lilies

pulsing nearby

as we pound each other

into the ground


Text and Image by Tullio DeSantis 2013

Image: “IAMTHESUN” – Tullio – 2013


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12 responses to “I AM THE SUN

  1. Christy

    Can only say I love this.

  2. byron

    This is really really dope. For whatever reason, I think this would make a really cool shirt if there was some way to replicate its’ almost scaly texture perfectly enough to do it justice and place the raised circular focal point at the chest of the shirt. color is awesome.Totally has the it factor and a trendsetting feel which is probably why the first thing I want to do is wear it.

  3. boone guyton

    Nice one Tullio. Great poem.

  4. Brendan Lamy

    This picture to me perfectly portrays the sun and is mystical power in our universe. Reading the poem I have a better understanding of what this picture symbolizes to you and why you painted this picture. As I look further into the picture I see things being attracted to it like a gravitational pull. The picture is covered in lots of bright and dull yellows. There are spots all over the picture its self plotted on to the picture in different ways; either its dotted or swished onto, or even smudged there is some sort of type of dot. And they thing that displays the sun the best is the ring created in the picture as a type of circumference. When you say that the sun is free to me I feel like it is an all powerful source of energy, and also a free spirit in the sky. It can do anything it wants by giving off energy, warmth, the power of growth, and simply a moral booster. When making the contrast of us our self’s are free it’s perfectly similar. We are free spirits with energy roaming and doing things to fulfill our needs for anything that’s comes our way.

  5. Shane

    When I look at the picture I see only the yellow sun, but when I look at the picture and read the poem I not only see the sun but feel the sun. I look at the sun and feel the warmth of it power and strength that it has not only on us but what it has on our universe. Its hard to imagine how big it real is and how much energy it uses every second. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Niraj Patel

    Awesome, represent the time just we had last week when it was nearly 100 degrees every day. I also compare this art with your previous one from April 2013 Poem for Spring where the background of your art was blue and in this art it is all yellow showing how quickly the Sun can change in two months being from cool to extremely hot to handle. Thank you again for sharing this art and lovely poem with us.

  7. Mel Mitchell

    As soon a I seen this I thought of the sun in the Aesop fable, when the wind wanted to prove to the Sun that he was stronger. So a poor farmer was walking and the the wind wanted to see who could remove the poor mans poncho from his back. The wind then blew as hard he could, but the man held his poncho tighter. So it was the suns turn and he project warmth and heat, the man took off the poncho. Following, I read your poem and enjoyed your projection of the sun’s beauty and power.

  8. erica

    This one makes me feel like im laying in a meadow looking up at the sun with no worries about nothing and its just peaceful i really like this one im really getting into it.

  9. Alicia Bene

    This poem makes me feel like I’m taking a walking in a meadow. I like the feeling that this poem gives me. a feeling of peace and calmness.

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