“Cooler” – Tullio – 2013 – acrylic on canvas



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6 responses to “Cooler

  1. Tami

    Very soothing.

  2. Rebecca Kline

    Such coolness makes me remember snow and rainy days. Almost like the world is crying out, yet it is peaceful. Therefore, I find that is seems to show how in life even with death and hardships, there is always hope and love. For the only time you run out of hope and dreams is when you stop making them.

  3. Zachary Sites

    I really enjoy this piece of art. It has a shape within a shape and it has different shades of the color blue. The painting is blue but in the center there is a lighter shade of blue with different waves and designs in the inner shaded circle. The dots are also lighter within the center circle. All the different shading and colors gives you an opportunity to become lost within the colors allows and gives you the ability to clear your mind and cool down. The painting also kind of reminds me of a lake or river, because the motions in the piece are flowing and are entangled. Each piece I look at is another opportunity for me to interpret it and give it meaning. That’s the cool part about art it’s you giving your interpretations form.

  4. Martha Guzman

    I really like this pice it looks very cool, very nice. I like how depending on what angle and how long I stare at it, it changes its appearance . If I continuously look at it, it looks like it sinks in, like as it was getting deeper. If I just quickly glance at it, it looks like it’s sticking out. I find it very interesting how using different tones can change the way we view things. This is a very cool pice, i really like it.

  5. Gunnar Schwan

    This is another piece that really just blew me away. It looks like it is just blue, but with so many different shades of blue, it gives it body. The dots are methodically placed to give this feel of a sphere. What I really like is that it isn’t just a perfectly round, smooth sphere. It has so much texture and feel to it.

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