MindReflector at the PPA

Created in collaboration with my friend and colleague, Dr. Tom Fink – our MindReflector software is a fulfillment of my interest in consciousness and the complex interrelationships between art, science, and technology.

We’re just back from the Pennsylvania Psychological Association’s annual conference, in Harrisburg. Brain-computer interface technology is an inevitable aspect of human evolution. More on MindReflector and neurofeedback, here: www.mindreflector.com


Here are posts on EEG-biofeedback and related subjects.


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2 responses to “MindReflector at the PPA

  1. Human intervention through alien intelligence is a wonder of the mind. Have aliens helped with the intelligence of mankind and how? Our own minds can perceive and comprehend many unexplainable items in the universe. Electro-magnetism has intrigued me for many years, especially in space travel capability. The future of the mind will probably be connected to a computer based process control system. It will not only control actions of the human body, it will diagnose and heal the body of injuries and diseases. Also being able to have thought control, knowledge, and memory at speeds unimaginable at the present time.
    by: George S.

  2. Ruth L Todt

    This is a subject full of very interested information. I first read about the mind reflector in an issue of the spring Ravens newspaper. When I later recognized you in class and realized it was from the paper, I had to say something to you about how cool the whole thing is. Science, technology, art, and I say the beyond. (Gaining knowledge about phenomena and experience is an ongoing process. A word from your Blog that explains what I mean about beyond, and the need for a new rebirth of open-mindedness).The Mind Reflector offers information that allows people to track and improve attention and relaxation skills. The attention skills would help, who would not want to have a better attention span. Besides this I know it would improve my studies and help me approve my academics. As for relaxation this I need help with. support positive personal growth and change.

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