Studio. Summer. 2013.


Tullio DeSantis, studio view, summer 2013.


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3 responses to “Studio. Summer. 2013.

  1. Tami Marschner

    Works of progress….Each work of art shows growth as you see each progress with the work of the artist touch.

  2. Brittany Yocum

    I think the “Studio, Summer 2013” is a neat picture because it shows the many different art works DeSantis has completed. I like the many different colors that were used in these various pieces of art being displayed in this picture. I really like the picture that has the bluish/ purple outside frame, and the center is a pinkish color, which really caught my eye. The other picture I really liked is the picture with the green blue and purple colors. I really enjoy the color pattern of that painting, I often like to wear cloths with a mix of these three colors, because I think they blend nicely together. I also like the orange and brown picture, it reminds me of the sun, and I like the design the piece has.

  3. Kayla Z

    I find it neat to be able to see what my instructor does and what kind of artwork he produces. From looking at this space and all the pieces within it, your style is very prominent. Each piece looks like it would have taken a long time to complete with all the different colors and patterns being made out of small dots. To me, this looks like something that would be very therapeutic to do to get your mind off all the stresses of the world. I really like the pieces that are bright in color like the yellows and the bright purples. To me, they are very eye catching. I also really like the piece on the wall with the bright blues and greens in it.

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