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“SEED” by Tullio DeSantis, acrylic/canvas, 48″ x 48″


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3 responses to “SEED

  1. Joseph Sinclair

    I find this piece quite intriguing to look at with all the different shades of black, grey, and white. The most interesting aspect of this piece of artwork in particular is the affect it has on what I am see while looking at it. What I mean is that when I look at the picture my eyes and brain seem to want to connect all the dots together in some way in order to form a recognizable picture or image that I am familiar with such as face or pattern. However when I think I see something within the dots and attempt to focus in on the image, I am no longer able to see the pattern or image within the art piece. I very much enjoy looking at this piece as my brain and eyes attempt to produce some type of pattern or image.

  2. Lisa Ramos

    I honestly think that the Seed drawing was a unique piece of art work. I really liked the circular seed motion in the shades of grey, black, and white, I also thought that when I focused on the image I noticed some black spots going around the seed looking image. It is a different piece of art but I really liked it and I wouldn’t mind having this unique piece of artwork framed up in my living room it is very eye catchy and its pattering gives it the finished touch that it needs to catch a person’s attention as well as become a well know recognized artwork by many because of its amazing appearance to the eyes of artist and those who are not artist’s.

  3. Edgar Tafolla

    This art work is very attractive to the eye. I believe that it not only gives a texture off but also seems to have some type of movement. I can just gaze into this picture and almost lose myself trying to get a clear picture but the contrasting shades does not allow it.

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