Studio – July 19, 2013




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3 responses to “Studio – July 19, 2013

  1. Courtney Prentice

    Seeing the actual size of these pieces really gives me a new appreciation for the amount of detail that was put into them.

  2. Sana

    I agree with Courtney. I never realized just how large each composition is. It’s amazing how much time and detail is put into these huge pieces of work. I would like to know how long each one takes on average. And also, how do you decide when you are “finished” or do you have to just walk away from it?

  3. I work on many at once, but a piece the size of the largest here takes about a month, if done individually. Working on many at once, lessens the sense of time passing, and lets me be in the moment with each mark. I always know when they are finished, because I make finite decisions, one at a time, until I stop making them. Then the work is finished. Thanks!

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