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As well as the world





I’m as well as the world

Entangled as we are

Hungry wanting surviving in the ways we desire

Enamored with the dead we become them

Imprisoned by man-made things


Locating the precise global position of our minds

Discovering nothing there


We work hard to become material

Matter lacking empathy

It takes great expense and a high level of precision

To engineer our virtual lives

Exactly as we want them


In potent simulacra

Avatars objectified humans

Zombies to destroy

People to kill and not care about

Hating ourselves for fun


Embarrassed by our bodies

We give them away

Hacked hashed cypher boys

Slaughtered symbol girls

Neutralized alive in technoverse


Our moist parts encoded in electron clouds

Instantaneous thoughts animated whole in the Net

Self-programmed and alone

The uncontrollable desire of a disembodied brain




Text and Image by Tullio DeSantis
Image – “Disembodied Brain” – Tullio – 2013


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