As well as the world





I’m as well as the world

Entangled as we are

Hungry wanting surviving in the ways we desire

Enamored with the dead we become them

Imprisoned by man-made things


Locating the precise global position of our minds

Discovering nothing there


We work hard to become material

Matter lacking empathy

It takes great expense and a high level of precision

To engineer our virtual lives

Exactly as we want them


In potent simulacra

Avatars objectified humans

Zombies to destroy

People to kill and not care about

Hating ourselves for fun


Embarrassed by our bodies

We give them away

Hacked hashed cypher boys

Slaughtered symbol girls

Neutralized alive in technoverse


Our moist parts encoded in electron clouds

Instantaneous thoughts animated whole in the Net

Self-programmed and alone

The uncontrollable desire of a disembodied brain




Text and Image by Tullio DeSantis
Image – “Disembodied Brain” – Tullio – 2013


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9 responses to “As well as the world

  1. LaTonya Dixon

    When I look at art I see A face that is searching for answers trying to figure out which way to go. The heart is always looking for love comfort and stability.I see so many obstacles entwined all over the heaart how will I clean up the specks of life.Every dot I see is for the heartaches,pains, joys, tramas, stress,death, family and life experiences. The center of the heart is warm that is where the bright red is the center of attetion the core of our exsitance. The center red pulsating waiting for that break, waiting for that moment when your whole heart is beating passionatly red, blood red that way you will know you are whole again.

  2. LaTonya Dixon

    i also want to add that the colors are meshed together as if someone has stepped on them and made the heart flat that is how alot of our life experiences are cold and flat.Not too mant people take the time to stop and look and see the beauty of the world. What happened to tranquility.The art shows a blurr of the heart. That is what I see.

  3. Anjie Hughes

    This poem spoke to me, every line. I don’t even know where to start. While our well-being and self satisfaction should come from within, we begin as a soul, we begin as perfection, but we strive our whole lives to reach what we are conditioned to believe is perfection, materialistically, virtually, becoming machines, empty vessels, constantly moving, climbing, striving, to what? To a picture of perfection we create in our minds, of the things we “should have”, our demented definition of success and happiness. “The uncontrollable desires of the disembodied brain”. We separate our minds and souls so far from our bodies that they become separate, disconnected, as we hungrily, frantically try to fill the hole created by the disconnect that we ourselves created , if we just can work hard enough, with “great expense and a high level of precision”….but with every new material comes another emptiness, another void to fill. The art accompanying the poem reflects the scrambled dots that have become our minds and hearts, with the center closer to becoming solid, but surrounded by so many scrambled pieces.

  4. Allison Lawless

    This art I felt extremely powerful. The center of the piece almost feels like the meaning of what it is to be human and yet what surrounds humanity is what gives us this great complexity. In the art work I see an outline of what I interpret as a heart- interestingly I interpret the outline as those individuals how do not fall victim to the “material matter lacking empathy” and this is why they stand outside of the those who fall into conformity. I find interesting in the poem that you speak of how we are seen predominantly by our material possessions to the extent that we become drones to material items, losing the importance of life somewhere in the translation of what is important.

  5. Thanks, friends. Your comments are appreciated. Yes, I see things in ways you describe. Poems are a way to say different things to different people – even to oneself, I think.

  6. Courtney Prentice

    This piece with the poem reminds me of what we spoke of in class. In the picture I see the outline of a brain that is influenced by the media to love everything but ourselves.

  7. Sarah

    Tullio, in this work I see a brain with a central focus point. The central focus point represents all the wants, desires, a sense of what we humans want to be. Instead of accepting ourselves and living life freely we focus on the things that we do not need in life. Our brain is overpowered by these wants and desires. Unfortunately, we do not notice because we have pushed our natural abilities away…therefore making the wants and desires our central focus point.

  8. shalonda

    • This has being my favorite poem thus far. In many ways I can relate to it. Living in a world of material things. People tend to focus on material things to make them happy which is just an endless cycle of unhappiness. We are told how to feel about ourselves from society. Society will tell “do not mix this color shirt with those shoes because it do not work.” We as people need to free our mind from own selves due to the imprisonment of how society told us to look, feel, what religion to practice and what lies to believe.

  9. Thanks, friends. Courtney, Sarah, Shalonda, your words are music to my mind. Thanks for the deep thoughts.

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