Conscious Universe





(click image for larger view)

“Conscious Universe” by Tullio DeSantis, 2013



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5 responses to “Conscious Universe

  1. Continually awakening, I think, Christy. Yes.

  2. Andrea H

    I really like this piece – it reminds me a lot of an image of an insect’s compound eye, but without the accompanying gross factor. The dark, subtle colors are very easy on the eyes. This isn’t directly related to the image here, but I wanted to share a link that I think might interest you and/or your students. This thread ( on an art forum has really helped put things in perspective for me, and has always served as a confidence-booster and motivator for when I’m feeling unsure about my own artistic abilities. It documents an average, inexperienced person’s journey through learning art. If you skip to later pages you can see a marked improvement in his work, and from page 50 and beyond you’ll see how much his dedication to learning has paid off. I think it’s a great lesson for beginners to learn – everyone starts out knowing nothing. Art isn’t just a talent that few people possess; it is a skill that is refined through rigorous practice and research. Everyone is capable of creating art as masterful as the guy in the linked thread, but it takes effort and you can’t let your negative feelings get the best of you. There have been many instances where I took a hiatus on drawing because I felt it was all for naught, that I would never reach a point where I was happy with the way my drawings turned out. When I look at that thread, I’m reminded that becoming an artist is a journey, and I’m nowhere near the end.

  3. erica

    very nice how you do the shading on this.

  4. Abigail Rogers

    I think this piece is very interesting. I think it is really cool how through dots you can still show shading and outline to the piece and still have underlying patterns and different things going on. This piece really makes you think of all the things that could possibly be done with dots.

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