Echo in deep space, this is my heart

A galactic supercluster in real time

The exact center of life is what I am

All experience inside me now

Born in the big blast of birth

Reaching the end of cold death universe

Emotional waves electrochemistry

Filling space between us


She is hiding in the cave

Surrounded by drops of blood reflecting starlight

We gaze upon each other

We become what we see

There is just one sun

Burning dying being born




Text and Image by Tullio DeSantis

Image: “HeartPulse” – Tullio – 2013
(Click image for larger view)


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7 responses to “HeartPulse

  1. Rebecca Hill

    I’m not really good with interpretations. But this poem kind of gave me a nice feeling at first because I thought this was talking about a man in love with a woman. But then I read it in an astronomy type of sense and then I see the big bang in its final stage before it bursts to being the universe we know today. The picture reminds me of the sun as it is when it’s really hot. You can also look at it in a romantic way like I did at first. I guess this can be looked at in more ways than one.

  2. Daniel Silverio

    What this drawing conveys to me is something between life and death. From one perceptive is illustrates a new beating life ,whether spiritually or emotionally, being forced to grow in captivity until ready to bloom. On the other hand death seems to loom over the poor creation. If expectations aren’t met it would die off into a wave of old creation which never stood out in the sea of failures from its predecessor. Throughout the painting this balance is portrayed smoothly.

  3. Pure life force bleeding, melding, opening, devouring. Explosions. Centered in the heart. This is what I feel.

  4. Rebecca Kline

    This is a very lovely piece. When I first read your text under the artwork I saw the piece almost beat like a drum or heart pulse, going from slower to faster, until bursting. It is somewhat similar to how in life the heart is the center of life (who we are). We love, thus creating space for others in our world, and then we make new life, understandings, and love. We are born again finally becoming one with ourselves and our humanity.

  5. jennifer rivera

    This piece touched me. our heart is the focal point of our bodies. without our heart, there is no life. The color is an intense red as if it is pumping blood throughout, keeping the heart pulsating.

  6. Edgar Tafolla

    Red, the color of desire, passion, the basis of life. This piece is a inspiring. The color is so blood like and it can almost represent a blood cell. Even with this knowledge of what this picture could represent I cannot get my feeling to go away. I feel driven by red it might be the pre programed thought of a pinup girl. I just can picture cherry red lipstick on a young woman’s lips. Maybe that’s the desire i feel the passion that gets my heart racing. I then am lead to the primal thought of reproducing.

  7. Rachel Blum Krauser


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