in waves



We’re in waves

Info-patterns eyes and minds

Sub-atomic events happen in skin

Particles you and me

What’s in and what surrounds

Wrapped in this

One thing one vibrating thing

Composing and connecting


In this way there is always one of us

Being everywhere

This is how it does appear to that one

These words in a mind

Bridging us now



Text and Image by Tullio DeSantis

Image: “in waves” – Tullio – 2013
(Click image for larger view)


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9 responses to “in waves

  1. Susan Duby

    This reminds me of our interconnectedness and that notion that we are all made of stars.

  2. It is always interesting how your words creep under my skin, into my being, which has merged so much into this digital realm of all. Always one of us, like each one of those dots in your work, always here and no where at all.

  3. LaTonya Dixon

    when I look at the wave I see a sea filled with white sharks waiting to zero in on their meal for the evening me..The darkness behind the eye is always lurking looking for someone or something to devour. all The white are peoples thoughts, images you have seen in the past, worms that are sqiggling all around with no where to go. When i look at the Wave I see a black hole that will lead to to another place. A quite new world where our eyes see only color no greys and no blacks. I see how the dots are not completely connecting, the dots are lifelines searching for love, forgiveness, empathy, loyalty. Fustrated because you really cant connect completely you only can stay intwinded for a nano second. That second seems like a millinium your soul is constantly looking for that spark, that flame that will try to keep the connection a second longer, The grey outlining the circle is like a magnet keeping all the energy in the center.and the outside forces are trying to break the barriers to get in to invade the wave and bring heartache, death ,love losses and unforgettable tramatic experiences. In the center their are some patterns that repeat a cycle or break a cycle it is all up to the waves and which way they want to flow.

  4. Zach

    Nearly everything existing in nature can be found working and complying in fractal patterns, ever pushing and expanding in both an upward an downward motion while we are made of many cells, we are but a cell itself in the grand scheme of the planet, we are all but one cell that can easily die off or be replaced if the need be. In fact the earth may be suffering from cancer due to our inability to stop multiplying destroying and consuming and producing all in the name of ourselves, but we cannot not stop we continue endlessly like the waves of the ocean, like the continual pulsating thoughts we introduce into the world and our minds. If unity could be achieved through these thoughts perhaps the issues would resolve, and functionality could resume. Inducing a newer and greater means of existence.

  5. Rebecca Kline

    The use of the word “waves” in the title and text is very inspiring not because a wave rises and falls, like life and death, but because each time they fall, they never fail to rise again. Thus, I found this piece to have a very interesting concept in that it brought about how we see the world around us through waves of motion and thought. We may be in our own realm of perspective, but we are still interconnected through the mind and essentially the endless wave of life in our world. The center seems to be like the deep inside of our subconscious and the atmospheric “gray haze” around the center circle seems to show the simplicity we see in life made from our conscious mind (environmental factors). Yet, is if given the chance to reach beyond this haze, we may find a newer and greater understand of both ourselves and the world around us.

  6. Your insightful comments are appreciated, friends. Thanks for the good words.

  7. Kristen B.

    Before I read the accompanying text, I took a moment to look at the visual work to be mindful, and really aware of what I was staring into, and as I looked into the center and my mind looked for some kind of pattern in the dark middle, it seemed to grow outward in an optical illusion way, like I was being consumed. When I read the text, I found it fitting in a way that we’re all particles, but of one thing, going along with that idea of small parts, but still in the middle of one larger, consuming whole.

  8. Warren Myers

    Really neat! It has a 3d look that makes it appear as if it is sitting on a table. Like much of your work, the optical illusion on this one is fantastic! It pulses and vibrates right there on the table!

  9. Lexi K

    I really enjoy this piece because of the simplicity of the colors, yet the multitude of detail that was put in. I also love the fact that there is a poem with it that tells a story. From what I got, the story was saying how these two people are separate individuals that count towards a greater population. They are wrapped in the grayish matter (in the picture) that represents space and the black and white inside represents the world and all the events that take place. We are wrapped in something that connects us to a much greater stressor: life. All the obstacles and strain we face everyday can be overbearing, as it looks in the picture with all the twists and turns of the dots that don’t really lead anywhere. Not only do I think that way from the poem, but also from the picture itself. The way the outside gray color with the dark and light dots looks simplistic just like space with the stars and planes in the sky. Then my eye gets drawn into the center where it gets complicated and busy with the patterns (like waves), just like living life with its many events and challenges. Also, the fact that it’s black and white on the inside makes it seem like we live a life in black and white. We eventually fall into this routine of wake up, go to work, clean, cook, shower, go to bed, repeat. Sometimes we face obstacles that may steer us away from our routine, but not all of the stress is negative. I think that we should start to live life in color, and not so much in black and white.

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