“subatomic” – Tullio – acrylic/canvas – 24″ square – 2013
(click image for larger view)


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8 responses to “subatomic

  1. You just keep knocking out these seemingly vast cosmoses (sp?), and they delight me, as a fellow painter and as a human, devoted to the more existential aspects of artistic creations and conversations. Thank you for posting these!

  2. Very welcome. Yes, that’s an acceptable plural for cosmos. There are several. All one in the end…

  3. erica

    Love the way the colors come together i’m trying to learn more about these types of drawings.

  4. Courtney Prentice

    This is a very warming piece, and like we spoke about in class brings out many emotions.

  5. Coagulate Violence
    Crimson particles annihilate my linear thoughts.
    A convergence of metallic life and death translate in pointilism.
    An after birth coagulates, leaving behind a residual stain.
    Platelets and plasma intertwine, forming an impenetrable barrier.
    Damaged vessels try to avoid inevitable lesions.
    Dissolved proteins and water transfuse.
    4.5 quarts, transporting life sustaining nutrients, painted in red and white cellular circles.
    Vascular walls rupture, giving way to blood shed.
    Violence radiates within a heart-shaped muscle due to over exposure.
    Fibrous wounds turn to scar tissue and remain unhealed.
    An embryo waits as the cycle continues.

  6. Martha Guzman

    This piece looks very, very cool. I love the way it looks, like as if it was bumpy and kind of moving. I like how the colors just look really good together. This is a really nice piece.

  7. Jennifer

    This piece makes me think of looking at the ground covered in hot lava. The red and black with the crackling effect truly make it look hot to the touch. I like when the tones are set against a black background with no white showing. It really makes the colors pop.

  8. samona Nimaga

    When I look at this piece it makes me feel like if I step on it my feet will burn. It reminds me of a volcano that has erupted into hot lava. Did you hand draw this piece? You have to have very tiny hands to have added the lines and colors in this art. As I stare at the picture I look at it without taken my eyes of it, then it looks like there is pic with in the picture.

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