Particle of Thought



“Particle of Thought” – Tullio  – 2013
(click image for larger view)


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2 responses to “Particle of Thought

  1. I can just imagine all these particles of thoughts moving around in our minds; creating pictures, memories, and day dreams that we all have. The arrangement of thicker dots make the “particle” look like there is actually movement going on, thus creating the thought that the person is experiencing. The dendrite-looking things coming out of the actual particle allow for the particle to interact with all the other particles. Stippling as a way of art can create so many different things, especially when used the correct way, it can show so much depth and so much movement within a piece of art.

  2. This particle of thought to me is interesting. There is so many dots and so much texture created with them, it shows how much goes into the littlest thought. One thought can do so much and to me that is great when you act upon them.Visually it is a lot to take in. It makes me feel alert, and open. It makes you think and when you think you are using all of them particles of thought that make this image so beautiful.

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