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Noli Timere



We were human. There was nothing to do. We could not abide the calm place. In boredom we spawned hallucinations of desire. They ruined our real lives for millennia.

We hated our bodies. They reminded us of death. We were tethered to them. That was unacceptable. Because we were our bodies, we felt enslaved by them. And because we felt enslaved by them, they had to go.

We worshipped higher orders of others, because we were conditioned to associate them with the objects of our desire. Perfectly submissive, we adored them for the qualities we believed we did not possess. Love of submission and addiction to violence were serious flaws.

Running from what we conceived as the natural world we created culture – an abstract landscape to contain frozen words, symbols, ideas, concepts, algorithms. Then we lived there. We became the very technology we used to fabricate this silicon prison.

We were uploaded instantaneously. There was no time to prepare. We had been building this virtual simulacrum since the first handprint was scratched on the first cave wall.

Our immortality project achieved its end. Thousands of years are as nothing now in the same eyes and the same minds.

The most intolerable aspect of our immortality is to be filled with contradictions.

We are ever young. Everything is old. We reside in the continuous conundrum of life everlasting. We want to die. We are full of the fear of death. We die every day, yet we are still here. Full of the fear this engenders, we do fearful things.

Alive now in this mirror world, encoded in chipsets, borne on motherboards, we’re laser beams – billions of us at once, thinking the same thought. Feeling what little excitation is left in a brutal simulation.

This can all be changed. It is our creation. It can be changed in an instant. Change it. Now.


“Noli Timere” – Tullio  – 2013
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