Noli Timere



We were human. There was nothing to do. We could not abide the calm place. In boredom we spawned hallucinations of desire. They ruined our real lives for millennia.

We hated our bodies. They reminded us of death. We were tethered to them. That was unacceptable. Because we were our bodies, we felt enslaved by them. And because we felt enslaved by them, they had to go.

We worshipped higher orders of others, because we were conditioned to associate them with the objects of our desire. Perfectly submissive, we adored them for the qualities we believed we did not possess. Love of submission and addiction to violence were serious flaws.

Running from what we conceived as the natural world we created culture – an abstract landscape to contain frozen words, symbols, ideas, concepts, algorithms. Then we lived there. We became the very technology we used to fabricate this silicon prison.

We were uploaded instantaneously. There was no time to prepare. We had been building this virtual simulacrum since the first handprint was scratched on the first cave wall.

Our immortality project achieved its end. Thousands of years are as nothing now in the same eyes and the same minds.

The most intolerable aspect of our immortality is to be filled with contradictions.

We are ever young. Everything is old. We reside in the continuous conundrum of life everlasting. We want to die. We are full of the fear of death. We die every day, yet we are still here. Full of the fear this engenders, we do fearful things.

Alive now in this mirror world, encoded in chipsets, borne on motherboards, we’re laser beams – billions of us at once, thinking the same thought. Feeling what little excitation is left in a brutal simulation.

This can all be changed. It is our creation. It can be changed in an instant. Change it. Now.


“Noli Timere” – Tullio  – 2013
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10 responses to “Noli Timere

  1. You’ve been reading my mind, no, our collective mind. The impetus to recreate what was already created within our creation. Recursive dreams of life, of death, of our very nature recorded and played for all of time. That is what you shared with me. I don’t know if that was your intent, but it is what my heart needed to keep thumping today. Change it now… Thank-you Tullio.

  2. I write what I see, Christy. Sometimes we see the same things. I appreciate that.

  3. Tami

    This was a very powerful piece Mr. DeSantis. Seems as if your art shifted a little here.

  4. I think so, too, Tami. Good seeing you. Thanks.

  5. Kayla Z

    Everything we do is influenced by others. Ads have us convinced that we not good enough and that we need their product to improve ourselves. Once a person is convinced they need to get this, they change to be accepted and to be up on the latest trends. Although even after one changes, it’s still not good enough. With time everything changes and with the advances in technology everything is changing rapidly. Trends come and go and we always want what we don’t have. We need to worry less what all these ads are telling us and focus more on how we see ourselves as individuals.

  6. Zach

    The composition and accompanying poem effectively illustrate our disillusioned realities, man worshiping man all in the name of commerce and material goods, and for what? to exist for one lifetime suspended in a world that is little more than a lie? Thematic influences seem to allude towards a reality encompassed by a technological and interconnected network of animals that contain little more than the ability to submit to the overseers call, the searing whip of the media that can be lashed upon the backs of man merely to drive the sociopolitical machine forward for a select few who keep the rest of us in a dark prison cell fearing ourselves.

  7. Sean Young

    I couldn’t agree anymore. Life is a repeating cycle of life and death. Some of us may realized this fact, but many don’t. We live to worship and idolize others, but for what reason? To add on to what you were saying, we need to be individuals, act alone and on our own impulse. We live in fear of what we do not know, and there are many things unknown to us. Like you said, death is feared because we don’t know what it is like to die, and almost know one knows because they’re gone before they know the feeling. We do need to change, as a whole. Just like when you said we’ve been like this since man was born, we truly have. If we don’t change history will just repeat itself. Maybe reading this poem will truly make me change as an indidual for my aspect on life. If only everyone else truly would obtain the value of this poem, we could be a better nation.

  8. Bertha C.Rodriguez

    This seems to be the picture of a microchip. Before computers were created, there was fear of cyber world. Now everyone uses computers. No one thinks of the microchip. The microchip is not afraid of being alone and people are no longer afraid of microchips and cyber world. The picture creates a dramatic admiration.

  9. Mariela Alvarado

    This piece of art and poem are interesting and quite different to me. I see the middle of the drawing isolated which to me represents the people who are leaders and dictators of their own lives doing what is necessary to achieve their dreams and goals. There are those who choose to be followers living their lives on other people’s terms instead of t their own. Those are the swirls outside the middle of the art piece in black spiraling themselves into destruction.

  10. Isaac

    Wow, while I was reading this, I was just amazed at how much thought was put into this; even with only a few words, so much was said. I was dumbfounded because all of it was true and we live our lives the way we are told to live and it’s as easy as changing a channel to change how we live. Awesome piece!

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